Safety and Security

Overall China is a safe country, and most people you meet will be friendly, honest and trustworthy.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security in China

Overall China is a safe country, and most people you meet will be friendly, honest and trustworthy. However, travel and living conditions are different from you home country.


By and large China is safe, but petty crime is on the increase and tourists are particularly vulnerable. Take precautions and use common sense, particularly at night, and particularly around the tourists areas and in crowded places like markets.

Try not to carry large amounts of money or obvious symbols of wealth, and keep your wallet or purse out of sight. Pickpockets tend to operate in crowded areas, for example the public bus, so in busy areas make sure that you carry your bags where you can see them, for example a backpack, even a small day pack, is extremely vulnerable. Wallets, mobile phones,cameras,jewelry and laptops are tempting targets for thieves. Do not flash a wallet around when paying for purchases and carry some loose change for beggars. Be alert of some common scams. Be cautious if somebody approaches you and invite you for a drink at a tea house or bar nearby to pratice English. There have been reports of tourist being ripped off in this way. Do not pick up "roll of bills" found on streets. ATM crime is on the rise recently. There are continual reports of ATM scams including using fake ATM's or other methods to steal the bank card.


Make sure that you protect your passport, visa documents etc by carrying them on your person. Never leave valuables in your car on the night. And if you are backpacking or staying in hostels buy a padlock so that you can secure your possessions in lockers, or enquire about a safe deposit at the hotel. Carry a photocopy of your passport and other vital documents separately be particularly careful at night. At all times try to stick to busy, well-lit places.

Local laws

Be aware that local laws and penalties, even those which may seem harsh by your home country standards, do apply to you. For example, there are strictly enforced laws which prohibit demonstrations unless they have prior approval from the government. Penalties for drug offences are severe, and include the death penalty, as do certain other serious crimes.

Emergency Calls

Police 110
Fire Alarm 119
Emergency Center 120
Traffic Accident 122
SMS Alarm (Police) 12110
Maritime Search & Rescue Center 12395
Telephone Inquiry 114

Notice :
110, 119 and 120 are the most used emergency calls, there are all free calls. Call 110 when you meet common criminal or public order cases, emergencies and need help. Call 119 when there is a fire breaking out. Call 120 when you need emergency care and first aid.

12395 is the national SOS call for maritime accident. On the sea, once the boat encounter collision, stranding, fire, man overboard, sudden disease outbreaks or other accidents which need help, can call the Maritime Search & Rescue Center.

114 is a very important number, for even though you can’t remember any other numbers, you can dial 114 to look up the numbers you need. It provides telephone number enquiry information enquiry service. Users can also look up the timetable of the train and coach, information of weather forecast, lunar calendar, special restaurant, etc.